Dalian, China

Look who we found! After Ayuki and Reba’s departure (and promise to meet the next time in America) Jordan and I flew to Dalian to stay with Nick and Dave. Nick and I met two years ago, briefly lived together in a 7-person house and ventured to Bonnaroo Music Festival this past summer before he left to teach English in China.

Nick gave us the tour around Dalian, a smaller, coastal city known for its cleanliness where he has been teaching since August. We toured the markets, seaside, and foreign-friendly bars where local legend Nick Montella is greeted by name when he enters and has already scored his picture on a dive-bar bulletin board.

While Nick was at work Jordan and I went into the city together, encountering real-life “frogger” scenarios while crossing the street filled with vegetable wagons, makeshift motorcycles and bikes, and brand new bmw’s, none of which had any mercy for the pedestrian.

The sidewalks were filled with people and their portable ovens selling hot dumplings, sweet potatoes, and corn on the cob, along with people selling palm readings, mismatched socks and puppies.

Jordan and I went out for our last night in Dalian, but had to head home early at 2:30 am (yes, that’s early-Nick predicted that the bars in China close when the last person leaves) because we are headed to Hong Kong at 7:30 am!

Look who we found!


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