The Best of Beijing

Jordan and I arrived safely in Beijing after a sleepless 13-hour flight, but all was well when we were greeted by my dear friends, Ayuki and Reba (who I met last fall during my semester abroad in Japan), who commuted from their respective Universities to meet us and show us around the best of Beijing for 3 days.

We stayed with Ayuki and Reba at a cozy hostel with spotty internet (and no blog or facebook access, like the rest of China) but luckily for us, Ayuki and Reba had already diligently planned our days in Beijing with the must-sees, and we were able to view China from both a tourist and local perspective.

On day one we toured Mao Ze Dong’s massive “Forbidden City”.

Ayuki and Reba!

The Entrance to the Forbidden City. In the middle is a picture of Mao Ze Dong, and to the left the Chinese translates to "Long Live China", and to the right "May we live in a world absent of war", both saying's from his famous speech in 1949 establishing China as the "People's Republic of China".

One of 980 buildings built from 1406-1420.

Across the street is Tian’anmen square, most famous for the 1989 massacre of students who were protesting pro-democracy.

The Memorial behind the world's smallest and least intimidating police car.

Later we went to the market, enjoyed real Chinese food, and headed back to our hotel to rest for the Great Wall climb.


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