Hong Kong!

Spotty wi-fi signals and 15-minute time limits on hostel computers paired with our ambitious schedule have made it very difficult to plan our next move and let our families know we haven’t yet died of malaria,  never mind blog. Though I hoped to post more frequently, I will have to fill in some of the blanks once I get home.

Jordan and I headed to Hong Kong, and I conquered my fear of heights when we ventured into the mountains to visit the world’s largest Buddha by way of cable car. Though it was  foggy out (as were the following two days) the view from the cable car was pretty awesome.

Jordan and I met my friend Dawn (who I also met in Japan), a Hong Kong native who showed us around some local spots where Jordan and I tried sweet milk coffee, mango mochi and crepes on the street. (A quick aside: it’s been really easy to have a vegetarian diet here, and no I don’t think a piece of dog or cat has been slipped into my soup. )

Dawn also showed us some fashion-forward stores (I told my boyfriend James he should be grateful that I am travelling by way of backpack and therefore do not have room for the matching outfits they sell at “couples stores”–a popular trend in both China and Hong Kong).

Then Dawn pointed us in the way of a winding, mountainous journey to Stanley Village, where we saw great views of Hong Kong and a glimpse of a relaxed, island life outside of the city before our next stop to Hanoi!

The last photo is for my mom, whose only request for my blog was that it include a picture of me, and,  some good news from China: Nick reported that pictures of Jordan and I have since made it on the dive bar bulletin board, not once but twice!



2 thoughts on “Hong Kong!

  1. Lovely! Really cool that you have been able to reconnect with so many people. Can’t wait to hear more and perhaps try a bit of the mango mochi you sneak in your bag…

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