Making It Count

I would like to make a formal apology to my readers for not having posted since December. Contrary to how my blog appears, I am not stuck in Hanoi with no internet access; I have been home since Christmas and, for the most part, resumed with my life pre-Asia. So, sorry mom and dad for not keeping you electronically updated.

The purpose of this blog was to allow my friends and family to follow my travels, and once I was home, proved I was alive and well and could tell the stories in person, I feared that my blog lost it’s appeal, thus I neglected it for  few months.

But, I have decided to pick up where I left off, and I hope that this blog turns into more than just a record of my trip.  I plan to write about the adjustments I’ve made at home since this life-changing trip, and how, as a direct result, I am fulfilling my new quest to live more minimally and to donate 10% of my income (as I explained we all should during my Kim Kardashian rant). Additionally, I plan to read a book a week, and write everyday (even if only something short)  in the hopes of spreading awareness and opening dialogue about issues that I learned are far too real and too close to ignore.


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