Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

After spending a day exploring Ha Noi, Jordan and I decided to spend two days and one night in Ha Long Bay, which was recommended to us by many. Unfortunately, we were looking for an adventure filled with hiking, kayaking, swimming and cave-exploring and we ended up getting a vacation that revolved around a booze cruise.

We didn’t realize that we should have opted for the senior-citizen cruise until we were surrounded by a bunch of 20-something, drunk, obnoxious, 3/4-naked foreigners cleverly trying to round up a game of spin the bottle.¬†Nontheless, we did enjoy beautiful scenery, swimming, a short kayaking expedition and brief cave exploring, so it was hard to complain.

The Vietnamese used hidden caves like the one we visited (Jordan and I pictured above) as secret hospitals to help the wounded in the Vietnam/American War. The Americans weren’t able to see what was going on from planes above and never suspected Ha Long Bay as an area assisting in the war effort, and this cave with remnants from the 1970’s is one of the few places in Vietnam to remain untouched, and it proves how resourceful the Vietnamese really were.


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