The Mekong Delta

Jordan and I chose to take combinations of uncomfortable canoes, speedboats, buses and vans on a 3-day venture from Ho Chi Minh City to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, in an effort to see as much as possible. The majority of the trip was by way of the Mekong Delta, and we wove in and out of floating villages for hours.

The people who live on (and in the middle of) the Mekong Delta are a close-knit community of people who share their resources and tie their houses and boats close together during the rainy season so that they don’t drift away. They use the Mekong to farm fish, bathe and do laundry, but they mostly use it as a toilet–so we decided to steer clear of Vietnam’s Mekong Delta seaweed specialty.

I have a short, poor-quality video taken from the motorboat portion of the journey, but i’m having serious trouble uploading it, so for now pictures will have to suffice. ¬†Also, if you’re wondering when my traveler’s diarrhea kicked in, it was about one hour into the eight-hour, non-stop boat ride.

Here’s a photo of Jordan and I on the Mekong that makes it less of a mystery why so many people thought that we were a couple.


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