The Monkey Attack

After our bus broke down three times and we transferred buses once, Jordan and I made it safely to Siem Reap. In the morning, Thanksgiving morning, we biked to the famous Angkor Wat, where we spent the day.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I haven’t had a traditional thanksgiving in years. This year was no exception. On our way back to our bikes from the Angkor Wat tour, Jordan and I decided to stop and get freshly sliced mango from a fruit stand on the side of the street. That was our first mistake. The second mistake was our decision to take the “woodsy”, more scenic route. While we were walking in the woods, with no one else around, enjoying our mangos we spotted our first monkey. Though Jordan thought it was cool and cute, I immediately felt as though we were in trouble. I swear to God that me and the monkey locked eyes. All of a sudden it started galloping toward us. We froze. We were shocked. The monkey took a wide turn (around Jordan!)  and climbed up my leg and onto my arm. I covered my face with my hands and screamed for Jordan who replied “THROW THE MANGO”, so I threw the mango as far as I could, and luckily, the monkey climbed off of me  and ran after the mango. Why it didn’t want Jordan’s equally delicious, closer, mango is beyond me. But when I e-mailed my friends and family about this charade, the alike response was that “that could only happen to you”. And it’s true. These things always happen to me. Being attacked by a monkey is kind of like having your car stolen out of Eastward Look during finals week your senior year of college.

I didn’t have time to take a picture of the exact monkey, or take a video which I’m sure would have been priceless, and neither did Jordan (she insists that she blacked out during those long seconds of a monkey swatting his huge man hands at my face while she stood idly by), but here’s a picture of his monkey friends so that you get the idea.

Jordan and I ran the rest of the way back to our bikes super freaked out, hysterically laughing, and unable to talk about what had just happened. But, needless to say, along with my friends and family, this thanksgiving I was very thankful to have not been bitten by a monkey.


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