Here are some credentials so that you can decide how seriously to value my non-professional opinion:


University of Rhode Island ‘11

Major: Political Science, International Relations

Minor(s): Women’s Studies, Asian Studies

Graduated Cum Laude, Dean’s List, Pi Sigma Alpha National Political Science Honors Society, Triota National Women’s Studies Honors Society, Division I Women’s Soccer 2007-2008.

Seinan Gakuin University ‘10

Study Abroad through URI Fall of 2010 in Fukuoka, Japan

Dean’s List, Cross Cultural and Foreign Language Competency Achievement

University of Hawaii at Manoa ‘09

National Student Exchange through URI academic year 2008-2009

Dean’s List, Staff Reporter for the School Newspaper Ka Leo O Hawai’i.

South Kingstown High School ‘07

Graduated with Honors, All-New England Soccer


I have been to 33 of the United States.

My first venture outside of the U.S. was to visit my sister who was living in Costa Rica (it doesn’t really count because I went with my mom and I was only 15).

I spent three weeks in Finland and Estonia visiting my former teammate and dear Finnish friend Nelli after my freshman year of college.

I lived in  Hawai’i during my sophomore year of college.

I traveled throughout Japan, Okinawa and visited South Korea my senior year of college.


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